Voice Overs

So you’ve got a great product or service a stunning website and you’re doing everything you can to promote yourself online, what next? Have you ever considered a voice over? A video or audio clip made with the help of a professional voice-over artist can elevate your product or service helping your business stand out from its competitors.

It’s important to take a little extra time and to set a reasonable budget for a high-quality voice-over artist, the right voice reading, the right script can explain what’s so special about your business, your incredible product or service, your unique selling point or your business’s quirky personality. So why not give voice over a try.

What is a voice over?

You’ve produced some amazing content, you have awesome graphics and the flow is seamless, so the final piece of the jigsaw? You need a voice over. A professional voice to narrate your story that perfectly matches your visuals and brand values.

The right voice

The secret to a successful campaign or production is the right choice of voice. Sure, you can find a voice anywhere and get it cheap from someone with a mic and a laptop, but is that really what you want to represent your brand?

It is vital to not try to save money by booking the cheapest. Maybe you feel you’ve blown all the budget on the production and now haven’t got the money for a professional voiceover? It’s essential you build it into your cost. Booking a professional voice with years of experience gets you someone who knows how to read your script and make every word count. Searching hard enough you can book the voices you hear on big brand name products or successful television campaigns. So, why not have a voice with a track history and credibility as the voice of your brand? A sound that matches your product and target market.

Is your brand fun or quirky? Is it serious or exclusive? Pick the tone that suits.

Quality of Voice

Once again the quality of the sound can reflect on your company or brand. Is it going to be recorded in a high quality studio? Or on a lap top in a back bedroom? Will it sound as crisp as the advert on television for Marks & Spencer or will it sound like it’s coming through a tannoy system at a fete? Will the sound compliment your film or production? Booking a professional will guarantee they are using high quality equipment.

What is the turnaround time?

Most professional voice overs will have their own studio at home. Some actually rival that of post production houses in the major cities. With a studio on hand there is no reason why in 95% of enquiries you can’t get a same day delivery of your audio. Providing it isn’t 10’s of thousands of pages long obviously.

What does a voice over cost?

Cost can vary from voice to voice. Often most have a standard studio fee and will then add usage on top. Usage is the keyword. If your production is going to be seen and heard by a few people the cost will be a lot lower than a production being experienced by a global audience on all platforms. So, make sure you are honest with usage and let the voice know how it’s to be used. Including social media usage. The last thing you want is for a bill further down the line for usage that wasn’t agreed in the initial booking. Unless you are asking for a ‘buy-out’ you only have the right to use the voice as per the initial agreement. Should you decide to broadcast it or use it in an ad campaign you need to re approach the voice and agree a revised usage fee.

Is it easy to work with Pro voices?

There is no reason why not. Most have been doing it for years and have dealt with a plethora of different jobs. Some similar to yours and some more challenging too. A top tip is to make sure you have all the details to hand before you ask for a quote include usage (as above). More important though is a final and approved script. If the voice records your script and you then say you’ve sent the wrong script or the client wants to change sections, you may well be charged.

Voice Over Summary

If you want a credible voice for your brand, don’t look for the cheapest option. Look for the voice that matches your brand and values and delivers a high quality product that will make you stand out from the rest.