Paid Search Marketing

Paid Search Marketing is the biggest driver, alongside Organic search, of traffic to any web property, whether that’s your site or your app.

What is it?

Anywhere an opportunity online exists to be in front of where your potential clients or customers hang out, is where paid search ads will be. Google’s entire economic growth is funded by and driven by Google AdWords, while immensely successful for Google it is also a very stable way of driving relevant targeted traffic.

  • Those ads that follow you about after visiting a site? Remarketing
  • Facebook Ads knowing exactly how old you are and when your pensionable age will be? Demographic targeting!
  • Exact match results for what you’ve searched for right down to the last letter? Keyword targeting!

All paid for, all researched, right down to the region you are searching from. There is immense power in paid search marketing to present your website to the right people and even at the right time of the day!

Let the time-served brains on this side take care of your paid search marketing campaigns.

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