Animated Videos

here’s no point providing the best product or service in your industry if your customers don’t understand what makes you better than your competitors, this is where animated videos come in as the combination of clear voice over and animated illustration can convey complex information and convince potential customers better than traditional text ever could. Animated videos highlight and explain what’s so great about your business appealing to people who prefer video and audio content to reading product descriptions and blog posts. Perhaps an animated video is the next step in your digital marketing plan? Found Digital can help make the perfect animated video for your brand.

Explainer Videos

Animated & Explainer videos are a great short introduction to what your business is about, we have seconds to get our messages across, explainer videos are still highly underused.

Of course we’re biased, and you will be about yours too. In the time it takes for a webpage to load and you’ve found that answer to your question, takes seconds. Not all of us consume content in the same way, some of us are beginning to end readers, some are skimmers, some will camp out on Youtube all day hanging on the every word of the latest Youtuber.

Couple the way people consume video content with a great voice over artist and you’ll get your message across.

We’re very fortunate here at Found Digital to work with some amazing video creation talent and voice over artists (award winning stuff) that create your message from a different medium. Let us bring it all together for you.